November 16, 2023

Spotlight on Nikki Dixon

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Mosaics by Nikki Dixon
Artist Spotlight 
Nikki Dixon
 Our Artist spotlight this week is shining on Nikki Dixon, her mosaics lined the walls at Toi Ora for the current Mosaic Exhibition.  From Lady Gaga, Rob Muldoon and Jacinda Ardern and our personal favorite Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Nikki often chooses iconic pop idols as her subject matter much like Andy Warhol (who is also here in mosaic form) she has produced many mosaics, almost like a human factory line!
Nikki has attended Toi Ora since 2007 and is well known for her Mosaic Before attending Toi Ora she lived in Queenstown and whilst working part-time she did a course in lead lighting. “Lead lighting is a very similar craft to Mosaics, so the skills I gained through doing the Lead lighting course transferred to Mosaics very easily”.

Nikki has done many commission pieces over the years through friends and word of mouth, she thoroughly enjoys the commission work and is guided by each person, often searching together for images on the internet as reference. Nikki also entered into the Waitakere Arts Awards this year to which her work was well received. 

At present Nikki is working on a Queen Elizabeth mosaic and intends to carry on with her mosaic work at Toi Ora, its what she most enjoys working on, working with the grinder, crafting and piecing together each work. 

Her expert tip for beginner Mosaic artists: “ Take it slow its not a race!”

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