Welcome to Toi Ora – Enhance your wellbeing through creativity. At Toi Ora, we provide a supportive and inclusive environment for people experiencing mental distress.

Discover over 20 free classes in visual and performing arts, soak up open studio time, immerse yourself in stunning exhibitions, or even find unique artwork for sale. Join our community and embark on a journey for your wellbeing. Let’s create together – because your mental wellness matters.


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“After my brain injury, Toi Ora helped me change my attitude and my outlook on life. From my first visit, my attitude literally changed overnight because the programmes at Toi Ora have helped me to look at my new life from a whole new perspective!”
– Keith, Grey Lynn

“Through Toi Ora I was able to connect with people who were kind and respectful. I could also reconnect with my creativity and feel the joy and satisfaction this can bring. Gradually, through friends, family and Toi Ora I have been able to feel safer in the world. I have found trust and have been able to enjoy my daily activities again.”
– Juliet, Mt. Roskill

Printmaking artist
Printmaking artist

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At Toi Ora, we refer to each person as an artist the moment they walk in the door. Today, you can make a difference for Toi Ora Artists. They are the heroes in their own story and each piece of art completed represents a moment on their wellbeing and artistic journey. Pick up some incredible original artwork or donate to help Toi Ora support more people.

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