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Artist Spotlight - Liam O'Halloran

Liam O'Halloran is a stunning visual artist with a keen eye for portraying birds. "As a youngster, I remember vividly our half acre property with many trees and a creek. We had many animals which I believed shaped my view on life in later years."

What inspires you as an artist?

Kokako by Liam O'Halloran

Colour, composition, structure, telling a story & conveying emotion. I like to work with both abstract & realism.

I was first introduced to art, colour, and colour theory with paint in early childhood. Later into adulthood I attended a late-night art class taught by Tony Clarke which proved to become a fateful introduction as time went on. I attended the classes, driving from West Auckland to East Auckland.

What do you find meaningful about your current art project(s)?
I am currently in the process of re-focusing. My main goals at the moment are to finish two bird paintings by the end of September. Currently I am painting a few birds; the Variable Oyster Catcher, the Tomtit & the American Crow.

What is special about Toi Ora for you?
The freedom to express yourself, to have a community & to leave a legacy.

What is your favourite:
Colour – Forrest Green
Medium – Oil Paint
Visual artist – Antonia Showering, Rebecca Haines, Minnie Pwerle
Musical artist – Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, Earthsuit
Food – Beef Schnitzel (Extra Crunchy)
Outdoor space in NZ – Muriwai Beach


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