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Toi Ora Live Art Trust

Featured Artists

Our Featured Artists page will regularly profile work created by Toi Ora members. Please be aware that some pieces do contain mature and/or graphic content, and have not been censored to maintain artistic integrity.

Introducing: Pauline Tam


Artist statement

"Hi There! My name is Pauline. I originally wanted to be a photo-journalist when I was young, but people said it was too dangerous. So I aspired to be a primary school teacher. I ended up completing an arts degree and developed my creative writing, drawing and painting skills at Toi Ora. It is very relaxing and uplifting. You can express yourself in your creative writing and art." 


When You Looked at Me

When you looked sick and tired, and in want,

I gave you my hand. 

When you told me you beat your wife and children, and was regularly

drunk, smoked and looked at pornography,

I gave you my hand.

When you said you murdered your dog and the neighbours' cat,

Because it made too much noise and they dug up the garden,

I gave you my hand.

When I put you back in prison, so that you could be with 

all your mates and you said it was the safest place to be,

I left you there.

Your wife and children said, maybe, that will happen again, and again.


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