Vincents Art Workshop


Our Story

Toi Ora began in a small factory space above a spectacles shop in Mount Eden. It was first registered under the Charitable Trusts Act (1957) on 13 July 1995. As Toi Ora evolved, a larger space was needed, leading its move to another space above a mechanics workshop in Arch Hill. Finally, in August 2009, Toi Ora moved to its current location at 6 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn, where a long-held dream of having its own gallery became a reality. As the trust began to make a difference and have a positive impact within the wider community, more funding was granted. With more space and money for resources, Toi Ora has been able to provide an increasingly diverse programme of classes covering the arts spectrum, and over the years, new and exciting courses continue to be introduced.



Toi Ora Live Art Trust Studio

Toi Ora Live Art Trust is a unique, shared, creative space located in the heart of Auckland city, for people who have experienced/are experiencing mental health issues. Toi Ora Live Art Trust provides an array of visual arts, writing, music and recording classes and workshops that are tutored by professional practitioners with experience and/or an understanding of the issues surrounding mental health. Studio space is available for members wishing to work on individual or collaborative projects. A range of art materials and resources are available. Members are able to explore their creative ideas and potential in this supportive environment. 


What We Do

Toi Ora is an award winning art organisation that provides innovation and leadership in the field of creativity in mental health recovery. Our aim is to promote social, intellectual, artistic and creative pursuits that enrich people's lives, improve capacity, and contribute to the destigmatisation around mental health thus encouraging social change. We provide tutored workshops and classes for people to develop their strengths and potential in the arts in a safe, non-institutional environment.

We wish to bridge the gap for those who come into contact with mental health/addictions and other support services, with the exploration of creativity as a proven means to enhance recovery and maintain well-being, and opportunity to open a pathway personal recovery, peer support, training and career opportunities.    


Our Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan developed in consultation with stakeholders, including members, underpins all of Toi Ora’s work. Our strategic approach focuses on what matters to the mission: the impact on the community we serve and the differences we can make to the lives of vulnerable people.  

Our programme echoes the “five ways to well-being" model of mental health: connect, take notice, keep learning, be active, give.








"Reflecting, I can clearly see how fundamental the experience with Toi Ora was in my road to recovery and re-discoveryThe encouragement and support shown to me by the staff and professionals involved in Toi Ora, is something I'll remember for the rest of my life" - Maia


"Toi Ora has helped me change my attitude and my outlook on life. After my first visit, my attitude literally changed overnight because the programs at Toi Ora have helped me to look at my new life from a whole new perspective!" - Keith


"Through Toi Ora I was able to connect with people who were kind and respectful. I could also reconnect with my creativity and feel the joy and satisfaction this can bring. Gradually, through friends, family and Toi Ora I have been able to feel safer in the world. I have found trust and have been able to enjoy my daily activities again." - Juliet
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