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Toi Ora Live Art Trust

Liam O'Halloran

Artist enjoys Toi Ora’s creative atmosphere

3 March 2020
“I like Toi Ora because the atmosphere is creative.  Painting at home just isn’t the same,” says artist Liam O’Halloran. He participates in painting and photography classes each week at Toi Ora Live Art Trust in Auckland.

He says he has been “involved with art and the art process since I was a child”. He studied art at school, and then went to art classes at the Uxbridge Creative Cultural Centre in Howick, East Auckland.

After a gap of several years, Liam returned to art, and has been regularly attending Toi Ora since 2013.

Liam had his first exhibition in 2019, which he describes as a “great success”. His current focus is birds, “which are proving popular,” and he is working on a few pieces with a view to having an exhibition.

He has the same process for most of his paintings. First he does a sketch of the subject, and then he transfers the sketch to metal aluminium or high-quality artist paper.

After this, he builds up layers of colour and fixes it all with medium spray fixative. Finally, he adds colour to the background, sometimes adding pastels, graphite or mid-tones, which makes a shallow depth of field to give perspective.

Kingfisher by Liam O'HalloranLiam explains his Kingfisher painting: "At Tony Clarke's class as an adult - this one was less of a learning curve because I had gotten used to Tony Clarke's teaching structure. Thanks be to my Dad who lent me the image from a photograph. This took more patience because there were details of white. Also with pan pastel. Towards the end Tony allowed me to use paint. I used carbon to give definition to the dark areas."
Falcon by the Sea by Liam O'HalloranLiam explains Falcon by the Sea: "I did this one as a young 21 year old, tutored by Tony Clarke at Uxbridge, Howick. It was done with acrylic paints on card. This started as a sketch."

Artist enjoys Toi Ora’s creative atmosphere

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